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This blog post has been a tough one to write. I attended a Healthy Homes Conference in May, hosted by Build It Green. It was a breakneck tour through the world of indoor air quality, chemical exposure, and toxin build-up. And it was hard not to feel the doom and gloom. I admit I go […]

Honda Smart Home US: Finishes and Furnishings

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Learn about the cutting-edge green finishes and furnishings that MAK selected for the Honda Smart Home in this video!  

Forever in Resin

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2413 Elendil 010 lowres

“I have an unusual request” she stated in a manner absent of hesitation. From her purse, she produced a sandwich-sized ziploc bag, worn and dingy and having reached an age and lack of clarity that kept the nature of its contents from being immediately obvious. “I collect these on my walks” she said, alleviating my […]

No Teak or Walnut Trees Were Harmed in the Making of This Home…

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honda smart home mak sustainable cabinetry

…Lessons in sustainable cabinetry from the Honda Smart Home US project. When specifying cabinetry, sustainability is always a consideration. For the Honda Smart Home US, sustainability wasn’t just a consideration, it was a mandate. How “green” any product is can be evaluated in countless ways, but for the cabinetry, our three primary concerns were Durability, Indoor […]


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Back in the summer of 2012, we were approached by Michael Koenig of Honda Motor Corporation. He proposed that we join a team of sustainable design consultants for a demonstration house Honda was planning to build on the UC Davis campus to utilize the best possibilities of sustainable residential building. This was certainly outside of […]

These walls do speak….and the stories they tell!

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A preface: I visit Phoenix regularly for my husband’s family reunions at New Years. I’ve recently been trying to learn more about the history of desert building and living while I am there. This year I visited the Arizona Biltmore hotel, built in the 1920’s. To warn you, I wax poetic here – it’s difficult […]

A Custom Chandelier

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IMG_0839 detail

This is the story of the creation of a custom dining chandelier for a dining space.  Most of the time, there are so many beautiful options for chandeliers, that it can be difficult to select just one, however in this case there were some particular elements that led us to pursuing a custom solution. Throughout […]

The Ten-Year Post: A Shining Start

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airstream interior layout

Just over 10 years ago, the former owner unhitched the 22’ Safari Sleep Airstream, gave a brief tutorial on water, gas and electric and then left the dull, hulking vehicle in my driveway.  That was the beginning of MAK Design+Build.  Our vision was to make this symbol of American ingenuity a home for a construction […]

Before + After

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Here are some before and after photos of recently completed projects here in Davis. Enjoy!

Green My Grill

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green grilling mak design build

We originally published this handy guide to green grilling in our Summer 2008 newsletter. Anthony has updated the content a bit here so we could send it around again. Happy grilling!    Green My Grill In 2003, Oakridge National Laboratory (ONL) in Tennessee estimated Americans grilling on the July 4th holiday burned the equivalent of 2,300 acres of […]

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